11 February 2010

Hubby's Birthday Weekend

A few weeks ago was Hubby's Birthday. We celebrated his birthday all weekend long.
His actual birthday fell on a Friday and we both had the day off.  We took our 2 children and spent the day at the Royal Melbourne Zoo.  You can see Deanna's post on her blog here
Since the food at the zoo is somewhat limited to junk food and is quite expensive, I decided to pack a lunch for us.  I made a Muffuletta.  See my post on how to make it.  It's such perfect picnic food.  It so tasty and healthy and easy to take too.

That night we had his family over for a barbeque.  We recently fixed up our barbeque to it's original glory.  We neglected it for a number of years and I decided that I would like to start enjoying using it once again while the weather is perfect for it.

For dessert, Hubby opted for Eton Mess, instead of the traditional birthday cake.  I used the opportunity to use my Cook Book Challenge theme for that week.  You can see my post here.

For the following night, I managed to get a booking for dinner at Middle Park Hotel.  It opened to raving reviews and having seen the offal salad on the menu, there was no other choice to dine for his birthday.  We were not disappointed.  We enjoyed every morsel. You can read what we ate here.  We even got a birthday Tweet from Chef Paul Wilson, himself.

On the Sunday night, it was my family's turn to come over for dinner.  This time, Hubby requested a curry.  He LOVES curry and it is my life's mission to find the best curry I can.  I think I'm getting close with the one I cooked for him on this day.  I have been asking around from my friends.  Once I perfect it, I will definitely post.

I also used this opportunity to catch up on my Cook Book Challenge.  I missed out on the first 3 weeks of the challenge and have been trying to catch up.  Week 2 was the Indian theme.  I decided to make Mango Lassi from Keith Lloyd's book.

This time, decided to bake him a cake.  After all, it is his birthday.  I don't know if it's a phase or not, but Hubby is really addicted to Lego at the moment.  Most particularly, Star Wars Lego.  So I thought it appropriate to make his birthday cake in the shape of Lego.  The actual cake is Lemon cake.  I made a large sheet and 12 mini cupcakes and joined them together.

All in all, I think Hubby had a great birthday this year.  He was able to spend it with family and great food.

Bon Appetite,


/* */ Iron Chef Shellie said...

AWESOME way of doing a lego cake! I will have to remember that one!

Happy birthday to your hubby!

/* */ Jo - SecondHelping said...

What a fabulous way to celebrate your Hubby's birthday!

Sound's like it was all wonderful.

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