20 April 2008

Bread And Butter Pudding

We had my family over for our usual Sunday dinner tonight.

I have to say, the dessert was the star of the evening... Nigella Lawson's bread and butter pudding. I have made this dessert many times before and Hubby absolutely loves it.

I got the recipe from her Nigella Bites cookbook, however the original recipe used ginger jam. I used raspberry instead. I love the idea of spreading jam on the triangles of bread as well as the butter. It gives it an extra dimension. The sprinkle of demerara sugar on the top gave it a sweet crispiness.

It was served with either custard or ice cream though it can easily stand on it's own.

Bon Appetite,


/* */ Squishy said...

I have made this one out of Nigellas book it is a fantastic recipe. Looks great.

/* */ Cherrie Pie said...

Hi Squishy, Thanks. I think it's a delicious recipe too. I've just been to your blog and it's a great read. I love the recipes on there and will be giving some of them a go. Thanks for sharing them.

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