12 June 2007


Now that I'm starting to feel like I"m getting over my tummy virus, I felt like eating something of substance... hmmm.. hotdogs. Mellie over at Tummy Rumbles reviewed this corner store in the city called Walker's. (Yes, Mellie, I'm following you around....hehehe)

My American friend was definitely in this lunch time treat. Three of us went for three different dogs. I also couldn't resist getting a glazed doughnut. Since Walker's don't sell fries, we went next door to Lord of the fries. The hotdogs cost us about $4 each.

I got the New Yorker which included relish and mustard.

JC, the American got the brooklyn hot dog which included jalapeƱos, mustard and sauerkraut.

EB went for the Chicago. This had a stack load of onions, mustard and jalapeƱos.

Over all the hot dogs weren't bad though the bread that were used were not soft but on the crunchy side. I prefer my hot dog buns to be soft.

Bon Appetite


/* */ mellie said...

Haha...you sure you're not following me around?!? ;-)

I must admit that I like my buns with a lil' crunch - it seems to make it last longer.

So how did you find the doughnut?

/* */ Cherrie Pie said...

Mellie, The doughnut was OK. But I have to admit that I love fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts straight off the conveyor belt. It's soooo light and airy. *drool*

/* */ Eloise said...

Where abouts in the city is this Walker's place? Is it in Melbourne

/* */ Cherrie Pie said...

Hi eloise, Yes, Walker's is in Melbourne. It's in the city, corner of Flinders and Elizabeth Street.

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