13 June 2007

Lunch Box 4: The Final Frontier

It's my second last day working in the city and I couldn't let myself miss out on one more Red Lunch box from Cafe Vue. (Thanks JC!) I really enjoyed this month's menu.


Wild Mushroom Pate - Though this didn't look the best, it was quite tasty. It was served with 2 garlic crispy bread for dipping. I can really taste the mushrooms in this pate.



Crab Coleslaw - Now, I really liked this. The flavour of the crab came through nicely and not too strong - and it was real crab too, not those pink sticks you get in the cheaper versions. The flavour of the coleslaw wasn't too tangy like the ones you get at other places. It had a subtle flavour. ( sorry about the blurry pic)



Hare cassoulet served with a bread roll - I really liked this course. The hare was tender and it melted in the mouth. The gravy was great. The flavour of the wine stood out which made the dish really aromatic. I loved the combination of the tender meat and the white beans.



Caramel Slice - The Vue de monde way - I have to say that I really liked this dessert. The bottom layer was a coconuty biscuit and the top layer was a sweet smooth caramel. Then it was covered in dark chocolate. I did like this but to me, it was a little too sweet. I left half of it and brought it home to Hubby, who I know will love it.

Sigh... My last Lunch box for a while....

Bon Appetite


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