26 June 2007

Salmon Pasta Salad

For Lunch today I felt like something a little healthy. I made myself a pasta salad. The first thing I always do is see what I have in the fridge and pantry and I take it from there. In the pantry I had a can of salmon and pasta and in the fridge I had cucumber, celery and lemons. That's how I came to inventing this pasta dish.

The cucumber and the inside yellow leaves of the celery gave the salad a fresh crunchy taste while the salmon gave it more substance. I love the flavour of lemon juice in my salad so I added the juice of a whole lemon.

Give the salad a go, it's matter of throwing all the ingredients into a bowl and stir. The salad is just made to taste. You can add more salmon or more cucumber if you like. For me I like to make it really lemony.

Bon Appetite



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