17 April 2007

Lunch Box Revisited

Yay to the Red Lunch Box! Thanks to Cafe Vue, I was able to enjoy my second Lunch box experience. I really loved last month's menu which I posted about it here. This month the menu included :

Scotch egg - It was a quail egg enclosed in herby sausage meat. Yum. At first I thought the quail egg may be too small but it was just the right size.
Pumpkin and fetta with yuzu dressing - The pumpkin was sweet and the dressing was tangy. I quite liked this salad. The different flavours and textures worked really well. A yuzu, if you didn't know (and I didn't either, till I looked it up) is an Asian citrus fruit.
Coronation chicken on a sesame Zopf roll - This sandwich was really tasty. The coronation chicken was invented in 1953 for the Queen of England's coronation. The chicken was lightly coated in the dressing that had a hint of curry. You can find a recipe here.
Pistachio cup cake - this was a sweet dense cup cake. I liked the flavour and the colour of it but it was a little too sweet for my taste.

A couple of my colleauges, wanted to join me for a lunch at Cafe vue but they both opted for the Hamburger. The meat patty was really thick, not like the ones you get at fast food outlets. The burger included crispy bacon, tomoato, rocket leaves, cheese and pickles. What else could you want in a burger?

The Fries were to die for. They was crunchy yet soft and creamy on the inside. I had to steal fries from their lunch as it was sooo good. It came with a hand made tomato sauce and Oh... My... God.. this sauce was amazing! It was sweet but tangy at the same time. I could see flecks of herbs and capers in it. The only problem was that it wasn't enough!

Bon Appetite



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