21 September 2010

Fine Food Australia 2010

I love food events.  Fine food Australia is an annual event for the food service and hospitality industry.  With more than 1000 exhibitors, you are bound to find something to give you great ideas or help you with your business. 

I was given a media pass by @fine_food_Aust so I went Tuesday Evening with my family (who had registered to go).  

Once in the buidling, my first thought was "oh my, it's so big".  We only had a couple of hours to go through the whole exhibit and it definitely wasn't enough time.  I would've loved to have gone again another day but unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to return.

The event was separated into "worlds".  There were drinks, bakery, packaging, gourmet food, confectionary, meat and seafood, natural products, general foods, dairy, and food safety and handling.  This assisted us as we had limited time, we were able to quickly go to which "world" were of interest to us.  The exhibitors ranged from bakeries and caterers to packaging and everything possibly relating to the hospitality and food service industry.

We started off at the catering equipment section and slowly made our way across.  Now that we think about it, we started off at the wrong side because all the food and food tastings was on the other side and by the time we got to that side, we only had about 30 minutes left till it closed.  We had to rush through.  We did, however, see powdered tomato, a machine that popped out rice cakes (yes, "popped out"), numerous different flavours of granitas and how a convection oven can steam dumplings.

The night was very informative and we spoke to great suppliers and vendors who were only to keen to get our business.  We walked away well informed with samples and brochures.

I would love to return next year and this time, I will put aside a whole day to ensure I get to see all the exhibitors.


/* */ penny aka jeroxie said...

Oh wow! LOoks interesting and I have never been too. Must make an effort next year :)

/* */ ♥peachkins♥ said...


/* */ cusinera said...

I would love to go to one of this events...wow! I'll be overdosing on food and gadgets to the max=)

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