11 October 2009

It's been a busy year..

So... Here I am again. It's been a while since I posted anything on my blog. The past year has been quite busy with our Nando's store and being pregnant but I vow to get my blog up and running again... promise :)

Here's a few pics from the previous year that I managed to get pics of...

Deanna's 3rd Birthday. I baked and decorated her birthday cake. I got the idea from a book called "30 minute kids cakes". The birthday girl help decorate it.

Mooncake Festival 2009 at Queen Victoria Market. It was actually quite disappointing as there were only a number of food stalls. There weren't a lot of choices but we were all hungry so made do with what was there.

Cherry and strawberry picking in Bacchus Marsh. My family loves to go cherry picking in Summer. We used to go right across to the other side of town to Red Hill to do it, however we discovered cherry picking only 20-30mins away from us in Bacchus Marsh. Oh the joy!

Christmas Eve 2008

My rocky road snowy mountain

My parents' Christmas display.

Lobster was one of the main attractions that night

Yarra Valley Farmer's Market at Yering Station.

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm. We make the pilgrimage every year.
Strawberry Kebab from the children's menu.

I hope to keep my blog updated with my food adventures. I hope you keep reading.

Bon Apetite,


/* */ Divina Pe said...

Your daughter is a cutie pie. Wonderful foods and fresh ingredients. I miss those stuffs. Simple but happy life.

/* */ Rilsta said...

Yay! You started up your food blog again! Your daughter is so gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics of your son! :)

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