14 September 2008

Little One's Birthday

Little One turned two last July.... where does the time go?

To celebrate we had a party with family. It was a simple affair.

Because it was a cold winters night, I decided to cook two warming dishes.

The first was a chicken curry. I love curry but that wasn't always the case as I couldnt handle anything spicy or anything with a slight heat. Thanks to hubby, that has changed. I now cook it very often and I have fine tuned my own version.

I also cooked beef bourguignon. I got the recipe from a number of sources. I used different steps from different recipes. I like to chop and change a lot of my recipes to suit me and my pantry.

For dessert, I made a Mars Bar Trifle. Sounds delicious, doesn't it? And it was. I got the recipe from a newspaper magazine when I was in England. It's simple to make but you have to be prepared as you need to start it early (or the day before) as you need to let each layer set before doing the next step. I changed the recipe slightly. The original recipe had coffee jelly in it but since Hubby doesn't like coffee (I know, what's wrong with him, right?), I substituted it with chocolate jelly. It actually worked well and it looked great. If anyone wants the recipe please leave a comment.

The birthday cake was from Nigella Lawson's Feast. It was a tropical chocolate cake. The cake has pineapple in it however because it was pureed we couldnt taste it. I think if I make it next time, I will put pineapple pieces in it as well so we can taste it. I guess what gave it the tropical taste was the stickky coconut icing.

Since our trip to HongKong DisneyLand, the Little one is into the Disney characaters at the moment so I couldn't resist placing a Minnie Mouse on top.

Bon Appetite,


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