13 July 2008

2008 Holiday Part 5 - Padstow

Padstow (or as some call it PadStein) is a small seaside town in Cornwall. This once sleepy town was made famous by Rick Stein, a restaurateur and TV Chef. In Padstow he has 4 restaurants. The Seafood Restaurant, St. Petroc's Bistro, Rick Stein's Cafe and Stein's Fish and Chips. He also owns a deli, patisseri, gift shop, a cookery school and serveral B&Bs.

The Seafood Restaurant.

Stein's Patisseri

Stein's Cafe and gift shop

Stein's Deli

Stein's Cookery School

Just to show you that there were other stores and businesses in Padstow, we went here, Pasty Presto to try out a traditional Cornish Pasty.

We decided not to have lunch at a Stein establishment. We saw this quaint little fish and chip shop a couple of streets inland and had our lunch here.

Bon Appetite,


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