13 July 2008

2008 Holiday Part 4 - Crown Inn & Folly Tea Rooms

Crown Inn in Lyminton, New Forest.

I found that in England, there are pubs at every corner there like we have fast food restaurants.
All were advertising "Now serving food" and how they are home cooked.

We decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner at the Crown Inn which was literally around the corner form our self catering cottage.

Hubby went for the Roast shoulder of lamb with mint jus and garlic mash. The meat we meltingly tender and fell off the bone. The garlic mash was to die for too.

I opted for the Roast Cod with herb and cheese crust, which was served with roasted vegetables. We also ordered a side of steamed vegies which included new potatoes. I have fallen in love with new potatoes. We can't get them here for some reason. They are abundant in Spring and we were there just the right time. They are best cooked simply boiled in their skins and served with a little butter and seasoning.

We decided to splurge and go all out and order dessert too. I made a great choice and had the banana creme brulee. There was a layer of sliced banana at the bottom then topped with custard and then the lovely sugar crust on top. I loved the sound it made with I broke it with my spoon.

Hubby had the Lemon tart with the lemon sorbet. Lemon tarts are one of Hubby's favs and I'm glad to say that this one didn't disappoint. The sorbet was very lemony and sour and complimented the tart really well.

Folly Tea Rooms in Bodmin, Cornwall.

When in Cornwall, you cannot go past the Cornish Cream tea. This consists of Tea ( in my case Latte), scones, jam and clotted cream. The jam is traditionally raspberry and the clotted cream is always from Cornwall.

Bon Appetite,


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