13 July 2008

2008 Holiday Part 10 - London

Cutty Sark Lunch... For a quick lunch solution, we bought sandwiches from Marks & Spencer's Simply Food Store down the road from the Cutty Sark reconstruction.

London Sights...

Manzes Pie & Mash Shop. This shop is an institution in it's self. It's the oldest pie shop in London which was established in 1902. Everyone knows about Manze's. They Sell Pie and Mash and that's it. They know what they are good at and they stick with it. Oh they do also sell Jellied Eels.

When we got here the queue was out the door but we didn't have to wait too long before we were served.

I had the pie and mash with gravy while Hubby tried it with liquour. We weren't quite sure what the liqour was made of but it looked like some herby sauce. It was tasty though.

London Eye...

Natural History Museum...

Afternoon tea the Natural History Museum.

Bon Appetite,


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