16 April 2008


Kuchen is the German word for "cake".

I first came across Kuchen while watching "Taste of America" on the discovery travel channel. The host Mark DeCarlo (you may know him from such shows as "studs" and "Goodnight America") visited Eureka Bakery in Eureka South Dakota, where they are famous for their Kuchens.

Their version of the Kuchen is a pie with fruit custard filling. I found the recipe that they used in the show but like most times, I don't usually have the proper ingredients so I make do with what I have in the pantry. I found another recipe from a fellow cooking buddy, chefmeow, in group recipes, where I had the ingredients for and was simpler. I substituted the peaches for frozen respberries. Actually any fruit can be used for this cake.

I do intend to make the Eureka recipe as it was the one that got me interested in the first place.

Bon Appetite,


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