13 October 2007

Max Brenner

Today was cold and wet. It was a perfect kind of day to go to Max Brenner at Highpoint Shopping Centre. This is a cafe specialises in chocolate. They are famous for their hot chocolates served in a hug mug, which is was Hubby got. He said it's the best hot chocolate he's tasted. Now that's saying a lot!

I had the suckao with dark chocolate. A suckao is a special cup with a tea light candle underneath to keep the milk warm. You then given a small plate of chocolate buds and you put as much as you want in the cup to get the texture and thickness you want. You get a special stainless steel spoon that has a straw where you can suck the hot chocolate with. It's very decadent.

Hubby and I had Belgian waffles to share. It was drizzled with melted chocolate and served with fresh bananas and strawberries and vanilla ice cream. The waffle was sweet and sticky. The fresh fruit really went well with it. yummo!

If you get a chance to go to Max Brenner, you should go. The hot chocolate is to die for.

Bon Appetite


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