11 October 2007


I had Friday night off from work so Hubby took Little One and me on a date.

We went to Grill'd in Highpoint .

It's been a while since I've had beef burger so I was quite excited. For anyone who hasn't been to Grill'd, it's a burger bar - be it beef, lamb, chicken and even vegie. Back in 2005, Matt Preston voted the "Mighty Melbourne" burger the best in town. So Hubby had to try it. It was massive - as you can see in the pic below. It had the beef patty, cheese, bacon, egg, beetroot, salad, relish and herbed mayo.

I had the Mustard & Pickled. It had the beef patty, dijon mustard, dill pickle, cheese, salad and relish. It took 4 bites before I even got to the beef patty. It was huge and it was hard to ea but when I finally got there, it was delish.

As a side we ordered Regular fries with sweet chili mayo dipping sauce. The chips were chunky and crunchy. It was cooked with rosemary and garlic. Fantastic.

I will definitely go back.

Bon Appetite


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