5 August 2007

Vietnamese Cold Rolls with Cabbage

I love this recipe. I first saw this on The Cook and The Chef on the ABC and was really eager to try it. There's no real cooking involved except of the softening of the vermicelli noodles and the blanching of the cabbage. The dressing that is in the salad is fantastic. There's a nice balance of sweet, sour and spicy. This is a definite must try in your kitchen!

  • 1/2 bunch rau ram (vietnamese mint)

  • 1/2 bunch coriander

  • 1 carrot jullienned

  • 1/2 bunch mint

  • 1/4 iceberg lettuce sliced finely

  • 1 small packet rice vermicelli noodles

  • 1 savoy cabbage

  • 1/2 long cucumber sliced finely

  • Snow pea sprouts optional

  • Celery leaf optional, chopped

  • Dressing

  • 1 long red chilli

  • White sugar

  • 1 Lime

  • 3 Coriander root

  • 4 tablespoons Fish sauce (just use soy if you are vego)

  • 2 shallots

  • 2 cloves garlic

  1. Blanch cabbage leaves in a pot of boiling salted water just for a minute and cool on a teatowel to drain. They just need to be softed so they are pliable to roll.

  2. Pick the rau ram and mint leaves and chop through the coriander about 3 times including the stalks. Add the cucumber, carrot and iceberg. Mix well. The mix will look like lots of fresh herbs with a few other things in it. That is the beauty of this mix as it is so refreshing.

  3. In a bowl of cold water soak vermicelli noodles until soft. Drain, cover and set aside.

  4. Dressing

  5. In a mortar and pestle, combine the garlic, chilli, sliced shallot and coriander root and pound together. Add sugar, lime juice and lime and pound together. Add fish sauce and season to taste. This will be chunky, hot sweet, sour and spicey

  6. Place a small amount of the vermicelli noodles in a bowl and a handfull of the vegetables, mix together and dress lightly.

  7. Place a cabbage leaf on your work surface. In the centre of a cabbage leaf add the dressed vermicelli noodles/ vegetables mix. Roll over the edge that is closest to you, then both sides in and roll into a cigar shape. Place on a plate with the fold side down, or secure with a toothpick. Continue with the rest of the mix and cabbage leaves. You can add barbeque tofu, shredded chicken, cooked prawns anything you like really or keep it simple and vegetarian.

  8. Serve on a plate with some chopped chillies in a dish with some of the left over dressing as a dipping sauce.

Vietnamese Cold Rolls With Cabbage @ Group Recipes

Bon Appetite


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