30 June 2007

My Daughters First Birthday

Today was my daughter Deanna's first Birthday Party. With the help of loving family, we were able to give Deanna a great night to celebrate the milestone.

There was food aplenty, as you can see.

Of course there was Nandos Chickens; 2 lemon & herb, 1 mild, 1 hot and Nandos Wings

My mum's Prawn and vegetable lettuce wrap

My mum's lasagne

Madras Coconut, Chicken & Banana Curry from "Ainsley Harriott's Gourmet Express 2" page 69 made by me (pictured left) and my mum in law's Red-peppered beef stir-fry from "Complete Family Cookbook" page 102

My potato scallop and Stuffed Tomatoes

Spanish-style Rice from "Delicious Magazine" made by hubby

Mini Hot Dogs using English Pork Chipolata from Rob's British Butchery fried by hubby

Salsa made by me

Lumpiang Shanghai (Shanghai-style Eggrolls) made by my mum

Unfortunately we didn't take photos of all the food. There was also escabeche (Filipino Sweet and sour fish) made by my mum and Asian greens with oyster sauce.

After a very filling main course, we had dessert....

Trifle made by mother-in-law

Leche Flan (Filipino Cream caramel) made by myself

Fruit Platter with Honey Dip from "Desserts" page 86 made by me

Apple Cake from "Delicious Magazine" made by hubby

Tam made a few desserts. I think she was in a baking mood in the morning.

Of course the birthday cake....

Chocolate "Fairy' Cake (Birthday Cake) from "The Essential Guide To Cake Decorating" page 30 made by me.

I know this day will be a memorable one for Hubby and myself. I hope when Deanna grows older, she can look back at the photos and relive the celebrations with us.

Bon Appetite


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