22 March 2007

FGY Art Gallery Tea House

My friend MnM and I met for lunch today and now that I'm back in the city, I get to go here again. There was no second thought about it when MnM suggested it. It's a Buddhist Vegetarian Tea House inside the Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery.

Walking into the dining hall makes me feel spiritual. The food is Vegan so it means no meat, seafood, dairy or anything remotely linked to animals. For a person that likes my meat products, I always enjoy my meals here.

Every day of the week they have different specials. Somehow MnM and I always end up going on a Thursday. This time round I had a hotpot served in an iron pot. It had vegetable balls, some green vegetables and tofu. Served with it was picked cabbage, some chilli and a few slices of apple for dessert. MnM had her Thursday usual, "beef" rendang. It's served in a bento box, along with rice some mixed vegies and a few slices of oranges. The mock beef was made of tofu and had the texture and taste of beef. MnM really enjoys this dish that's why she gets all the time when we go on Thursdays. Maybe I can convince her to try something else next time????

To drink I had the iced kumquat tea.... and it was delish. I usually have the hot version but MnM suggest I try this one. I'm glad I listened to her. She had a glass of grass Jelly which she liked a lot. Not only the meals are really tasty, it's cheap too. Both dishes were about $9 and our drinks about $3 each. So for $12 you get a decent size, tasty meal.

Leaving here after a meal always makes my soul feel cleansed and my stomach full.

Bon Appetite


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