25 March 2007


This English treat is a Flapjack.

Hubby loves these. I've made Flapjacks for him a number of times but I bet he thinks not enough times.

Flapjacks are sort of like muslie bars but the main ingredient is rolled oats. This recipe, that I got from the English Good Food Magazine, is very easy to follow. It's simply mixing together brown sugar, a little golden syrup (a good English brand) and melted butter over a low heat. Once it forms a think dark brown syrup, you then add the oats and mix. Bake in the oven for about 25 mins. It was so easy to make that I made it early on Sunday morning while keeping one eye on the little one as hubby slept in.

Personally, I find this a little too sweet for my taste but hubby really loves them so I keep making them for him.

Bon appetite


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