17 February 2007

Mmmm... spanish doughnuts.

Went here with hubby and little one. They have a variety of churros. Hubby and I always share the traditional crispy churros. I just love how it's crunchy yet soft at the same time. It is served with a chocolate dipping sauce with a choice of white, milk or dark. The only criticism I have is that their dark chocolate is not dark enough. It almost tastes the same as the milk.

I think next time I will give the "Jumbo Churro" a try :)


/* */ Kat O+ said...

Is this in Melbourne? I'm a big fan of churros, but good ones aren't easy to find.

/* */ Cherrie Pie said...

Hi Kat, Yeah it's in Melbourne. I love churros too and these are the best ones i've tasted. Maybe when yr in Melb next time you can give these a try :)

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