17 April 2010

Meatless Day Challenge - Vegetarian Quesedilla

My family loves Quesedillas.  I thought about making a vegetarian version for this week's Meatless Day Challenge.  I've never thought of just having vegetables in this but it's delicious and you don't even notice that there  isn't any meat in it.  For my 3year old, that's crucial.

It's quite easy really. you can take can any vegetable you want and sauté it in a pan till just cooked through.  Make sure you don't overcook and it still has it's vibrant colour.  I used whatever was in my fridge at the time, which was, zucchini (from my brother's garden). carrot, capsicum, onion, frozen peas and corn.

Spread it as thick as you like on tortilla bread.  But not too thick or else, it will fall apart when you are trying to eat it.  Top with lots of cheese then place another tortilla bread on top to form a sandwich.

To cook, place in a dry not skillet for a couple minutes on each side.  The tortilla should be slightly toasted and crispy and cheese nicely melted.  To eat, cut into wedges and enjoy!

Meatless Day Challenge

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/* */ Pinay Travel Junkie said...

sounds yum! i hope i could find a good tortilla in the grocery so i can make this too. thanks for sharing!

/* */ penny aka jeroxie said...

That is definitely a yummy meatless dish! And good way for kids to eat vege too.

/* */ Trissa said...

I'd turn vegetarian for this dish!

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