27 December 2009

Three days of non stop eating - Christmas 2009

Another Christmas has come and gone.  This year was exactly the same as the previous years.  I ate and ate and ate.

It started on Christmas Eve.  We had Noche Buena, where the family gathers to celebrate Christmas Eve. It was held at my parents house this year. And as usual my mum cooked up a feast.

Ube Halaya and Suman (Purple yam and sticky rice steamed in banana leaves)

Strawberry ice cream made by sis in law

Mocha roll made by mum

Buche de Noel made by me.

On Christmas day, I cooked up a feast for Hubby and children (though my 4month old doesn't eat solids yet).  This week I was super organised and made a country pate from Gary Rhodes book.  I usually make this for Christmas however the past couple of years time got the better of me and I didn't end up making it.  I also baked the Christmas cake back in early November to allow the cake to infuse the flavours and I fed it alcohol every week.  Traditionally Rum or Brandy is used but I gave mine a little twist and used Drambuie to give it a little orangey kick.

The day started with a small breakfast after the children opening up their Christmas stocking presents. We had Eggs Benedict.  We usually have bacon on this but we went all out and had smoked salmon.

While I was cooking lunch, Hubby had my country pate

Christmas Lunch started off with Roast Duck.  I rubbed the skin with 5 spice powder and inserted an orange inside.

Roasted potatoes cooked in duck fat with rosemary and garlic

Brussel sprouts steamed and then sauteed in butter and garlic.  Mashed suede and carrot.

Stuffing (not really stuffing.  I roasted separately) and pigs in a blanket

For dessert we had a Classic Christmas Cake

On boxing day, it has started to become tradition that we have lunch at my mum in laws.  Since we don't get to spend Christmas day with her, we all get together the day after to celebrate and exchange gifts.  This year, I must have been so hungry that I forgot to take photos.  Mum in law's feast included roast pork and roast chicken with sides of smashed potatoes, steamed greens and a vegetable tart with feta.  It was definitely delish.  Dessert came and it was chocolate ice cream with raspberries topped with vanilla ice cream mixed with crushed up mint slices.  YUM.

Since I don't have food photos, thought I'd include a photo of mum in law with my two children and my niece.

Yes, Thomas is dressed as superman (complete with cape).  Present from Uncle Roy and Auntie Wendy.

Cookbooks I received as presents.  Gee my family knows me VERY well.


My parents bought me this.  Oh, how I love them!

As you can see I had three days of fantastic food and great family.  I hope everyone had a great one too.

Merry Christmas


/* */ Divina Pe said...

Lots of great food and the Filipino culture is very much alive. :D Merry Christmas.

/* */ Iron Chef Shellie said...

woah! and I thought I got alot of cookbooks! Nice haul!

Merry Christmas! Looks like you had a delicious one!

/* */ Maree said...

Wow, you did amazingly well in the Christmas haul! Nice one...
Thanks for your advice to me about getting some new cookbooks (it'll take me a while to catch up to you!)- today I went out and bought myself the Food Safari book by Maeve O'Mara- love the show, so can now give the recipes a crack!

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