13 July 2008

2008 Holiday Part 13 - Hong Kong

After a 13hour flight from Heathrow to HongKong, all we wanted to do was stretch our legs and do a little sight seeing before having dinner.

Avenue of Stars

We walked down Nathan Road and we came across a side street that the aroma of barbeque sent us straight for this shop.

We didn't know what it was called and we didn't know if they would understand us but we walked in there and pointed to what we wanted. Roast Goose and Barbecue duck. We went to bed on our first night in Hong Kong tired but happy and full.

They are obsessed with Hello Kitty...

We stayed at The Sheraton Hotel in Kowloon.

On our last day we had afternoon tea at the Sky Lounge at the hotel.

Our Afternoon for two included Strawberries and cream, fruit scones with jam and cream, strawberry shortcakes, mango pudding and cheesecake.

So, OK, toward at the end of our stay of our 5 week long holiday, we were craving fast food.

KFC... It was quick and cheap. Perfect for a quick lunch for a break in shopping at Harbour City.

Disney Land...

Bon Appetite,


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