8 February 2008

Back to my roots challenge #10

Halo halo - literal translation is "Mix mix".

I love halo halo and I've been having this since I was a young girl and I don't think I can get sick of it. It's perfect for a hot summer like today.

This Filipino dessert is shaved ice, milk and a mixture of sweet fruit. The type of fruit can vary depending on the region, household or simply, by taste. In some deluxe versions, leche flan is also used and sometimes a scoop of ice-cream on the top.

Our version is quick and simple and delish. We have sweet red beans, kaong (sugar palm fruit), grated fresh rock melon, creamed corn, nata de coco and jackfruit and use evaporated milk. All these ingredients can be obtained from the local asian grocery story.

It's very simple to make. Take a tall glass and fill with any fruits you like, place shaved ice on top and then pour the milk over. You can also add sugar if you wish. Then mix the ingredients with a spoon.

For a recipe read here.

Bon appetite,


/* */ Cindy said...

That looks so refreshing!

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