27 April 2007

Taro Gateaux

I was walking along Swanston Walk when from the corner of my eye, I spotted a vision of great delight.. aaahhh... Taro Gateaux.

The reason why I got so excited is that we have a Filipino version of this called Ube Macapuno Cake (Ube is pronounced oobeh). Ube (or purple yam, to some) is a root vegetable and is similar to a sweet potato and can be made into desserts.

The only place I know I can get Ube Cake is at Filipino parties (which I don't go a lot to). Now I know I can purchase it from Crown Cafe Bakery located at 215 Swanston Walk CBD.

When I saw this Purple layer of sponge and butter cream, I had to have it. However before I can commit to a whole cake, I wanted to try a slice first. It tastes like the Ube Cake but without the Macapuno(sweet coconut) on top. It'll do for me.... :)

Bon Appetite


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