7 April 2007

Room Service Country Comfort Inn Warrnambool

On the Easter Long weekend, I, along with hubby and Little One went on a holiday to Warrnambool. We stayed in a little motel named Country Comfort Inn. You can read about our adventures here.

After a long drive from Melbourne and spending the afternoon doing a little exploring of what Warrnambool has to offer, hubby and I opted for ordering room service for dinner. Besides, the little one had an exhausting day so we put her to bed early.

For entree, we had Oysters Kilpatrick. I say "we" but hubby is not a big fan of oysters so I had most of it :)

For main I had char grilled Kangaroo tossed in celery salt, served with baked yams, topped with a tree tomato and macadamia nut salsa. The kangaroo had a nice charcoal flavour and was tender inside. It was cooked just right. The macadamia nut salsa was interesting. It was a little bland but it added great texture to the dish. I don't know what tree tomato is but to me, it tasted like normal tomatoes.

Hubby had a Lamb madras curry. Hot! Served with rice, a pappadum and green papaya chutney. Hubby likes curries a lot, being 1/4 Indian. He likes the sweet and sourness of the chutney but still prefers the mango variety.

For dessert we shared a Baked Peanut Butter Cheese Cake with chocolate ganache. I'm not a fan of peanut butter in desserts but this wasn't too bad however the cheesecake was a little too sour for hubby's taste.

Overall, I think the meal was pretty decent for room service in a motel.

Bon appetite


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