9 April 2007

Not Happy Jan!

I usually only like to post about my good food experiences but I have to get something off my chest.

On the way home from Warrnambool, hubby and I wanted to take a detour to Timboon to visit the Timboon Farmhouse Cheese Store called The MouseTrap. The day we wanted to go was Easter Monday so I called them to confirm that they would be open. The advised that they would be and the opening time is 10am.

Hubby and I timed it so we arrived exactly at 10am. As we arrived, the employees were arriving as well. We then noticed a sign saying the trading hours from 10:30. We proceeded to the glass door and had a peep inside and saw two ladies preparing for the day. We could hear them asking each other whether or not to open the door for us. Even though we were told the opening time was at 10am, we decided to wait a while along with another couple who arrived the same time as we did.

At this stage, I was a little annoyed that we were given the wrong opening time when I called and to make things worse, they didn't even pop their heads out of the door to confirm that they will not be opening their doors for another 30 mins. For parents of a young baby and with still a long drive home back to Melbourne, 30 mins is a long time to wait.

What really got me upset and made me make the decision to finally leave was the two ladies inside the store. They obviously did not know that the glass sliding door was not sound proof! I heard them talking and laughing about us and how we were trying to get them to notice us standing outside. Needless to say they were not saying nice things.

What is ironic is that there was a poster hung up on the wall beside the door saying that "We, as the customer are important to them and not vice versa. They need us more than we need them, and that they are grateful that we are giving them the opportunity to serve us". I was so upset that it ruined the whole morning for me.

I think these two ladies need to attend a course on how to be polite and to learn customer service.

I have decided to write them a letter. I'll see if I get a response.


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