13 April 2007

Breakfast at Blahnik

My friend and I wanted to go out for breakfast before he went on leave from work for a 2 week trip to Italy with his girlfriend... Lucky them! We went to Blahnik which is a cafe inside the Galleria in Melbourne.

He had the English breakfast. This included eggs, crispy bacon, hash brown, fried tomato, sausages and toast. It was a typical english breakfast. Nothing too special about it.

On the other, the French Toast with Maple syrup and strawberries that I had was REALLY good. They used ciabbata bread for the toast and dusted it with icing sugar. I was actually looking for pancakes this morning but can't complain about ordering this.

My friend, being American, couldn't help but steal some of my maple syrup and pour it all over his fried eggs. I'm glad Aussies haven't caught on to that!

Bon Appetite



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