18 March 2007

Thai Food Festival

As mentioned on my daughter's website, we went to the Thai Food Festival today. It was held at the River Bank of Federation square. There were lots of activities happening but since hubby and I love Thai food we headed straight for the food stalls. This festival is very popular. I had to elbow my way through the crowd to get to the food. The stalls were not accepting money so in order to purchase food and drinks we had to buy coupons.

Hubby had Thai green Curry on Rice. He liked it very much, the sauce tasted very coconuty and had the right amount of heat to it.

I was in the mood for barbeque (probably because of the barbeque aroma wafting through the air) so I had barbeque chicken. I love the flavour of the marinade. I think I will look around the net for a good Thai recipe for this one and cook it for the next family gathering.

I was looking forward to something sweet, however there was only one stall that was selling dessert. I love pandan so I chose this pandan sweet. It had the distinct taste of the pandan and coconut. It was topped with shredded coconut that has been salted somehow and a small sachet of what looked like black sesame seeds.

There was also one stall selling drinks, so you can imagine how much elbowing I had to do to get served. There were a variety of different drinks for sale but all (including the posters) were in Thai!

We chose the honey-lemon green iced tea. The view was free.

Bon Appetit


/* */ mellie said...

I really wanted to get some of those desserts - but we were so full after stuffing ourselves on all the other food, dessert was confined to liquid (and more easily digestable) items ;-)

/* */ M's nemesis said...

I like the photo perspective it looks like the giant iced tea has swallowed the tiny rowers in a Godzilla-esque fashion! :)

Nice review and love the pix!

/* */ Cherrie Pie said...

M's nemesis, I didn't notice that but now that you've said it, it does look like it :)


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