3 March 2007


Ever since our little one was born, Hubby has learnt to cook. He has mastered a couple of dishes that he likes to cook often. One being jambalaya. The recipe was taken from Ainsley Harriot's Friends and Family Cookbook.

Tonight, hubby felt like Jambalaya and since it was a last minute decision to cook this, we had to deviate from the original recipe slightly as we had to make do with what was in the pantry and fridge. Even though we had a few ingredients missing like the chorizo, it still tasted delicious. The rice was cooked perfectly and it had the right texture to it.

I love how we can take a recipe and change it according to what ingredients is available to us or simply because we prefer one ingredient to another.

Well done Hubby!

p.s. Hearing the word Jambalaya always reminds of the Seinfeld "soup" episode... hehehe


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