12 March 2007


The only regret I have about this blog of mine is that I didn't start it earlier. Looking back on all my past food experiences, I would have liked to have shared them with you. I have enjoyed harvest festivals, cooking demonstrations by world renowned chefs, progressive lunches and dinners, food and wine festivals, dining in great restaurants, dinners with Donna Hay, Kylie Kwong and Maggi Beer (not at the same time) and of course my own dinners and parties.

Below is a collage of the great chefs I have been lucky to watch do their thing.

Bon Appetit


/* */ mellie said...

What a fabulous collage! Looks like you've seen some wonderful chefs in action. Who has been your favourite?

/* */ Cherrie Pie said...

Mellie, thanks. I love to go see chefs do their thing. I think my favourite has to be Shannon Bennett. I loved to see him put together a master piece. He places so much importance on the presentation of his dishes. The attention to detail that he has when making simple dishes like an apple tart is so inspiring that it makes me want to go and start baking. I also enjoyed watching Neil Perry. Unfortunately we forgot our camera on the day but I have an autographed cookbook to show for it instead :)

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