28 May 2007

Laksa Me

Laksa Me is a new cafe that opened up a couple of weeks ago. It can be found at Shop 1, 16 Liverpool street, Melbourne. I decided to go after reading Mellie's review on Tummy Rumbles. (and it was on my "must eat places before I finish working in the city" list) The pictures she has on her blog looked enticing (as always). It was a long walk from our office. Right on the other side of the city, in fact but we were determined.

We all enjoyed our meal but I have to say that service was really slow. It was about 30 minutes before we got any of our meals even though there were only a few other diners.

I had the Laksa Lemak. It was vermicelli noodles, fish balls, fish cakes and prawns in a creamy coconuty broth. It was spicy and full of flavour. I usually can't handle too much spice and this dish is the most I can take.

JC went for the My mum's Laksa. It used the same broth as mine but he had roast pork, chicken and prawns. This dish was my second choice. For JC it wasn't as spicy for him, but he enjoyed it just the same.

To be honest, I can't remember the name of this dish. EB ordered this simply because it had pork crackling. After all... who wouldn't? The flat rice noodles were smothered in a spicy Red curry sauce then topped with tofu and fish balls. It looked delicious and EB said that it was.

AL ordered two dishes. The first was Rojak for us to share. This dish is fruits (apple, pineapple, pear and cucumber) with a dressing basically made up of belacan (shrimp paste), sugar, chili, and lime juice. When reading the menu, I knew I would love this dish... and I did. There was a combination of sweet from the fruits and a lovely saltiness that you can only get from the belacan.

AL's second dish was Ipoh Hor-fun. It's rice noodles (hor fun) in a spicy clear broth. It also included tofu and prawns. It wasn't spicy enough for AL as he kept ordering slices of chilli to eat with it.

All in all, we enjoyed our lunch at Laksa Me even though we walked right to the other side of town and the service wasn't that great. We would go anywhere for a good Laksa.

Bon Appetite



/* */ mellie said...

Hey there cherrie - glad you made it over there. I think EG and I were rather spoilt with our service as we visited on their first day and they were ever so attentive ;-). But now that Mr.Lethlean has reviewed it, I'm sure it is going to get very busy indeed!

/* */
cin said...

haha, your photos are almost as good as mine! I only had my phone with me and what blurry photos came out :( Good thing Mellie had her camera though.

/* */ mellie said...

Glad to be of service cin ;-)

/* */ Cherrie Pie said...

yeah...My camera phone doesn't take the best pictures and I don't carry around our digital camera.

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