12 April 2007

Hawker's Cafe

Today, a friend and I went to hawker's Cafe for lunch. It's at 213 Russell street in the city. It's quite a hike from where I work but I love this place.

My friend had Dry chicken Curry Noodles. which was chicken curry with egg noodles served with egg, cucumber and lettuce. He said he enjoyed it but it wasn't spicy enough for him.

I had Bak Kut Teh : a traditional Malaysian dish. It's a claypot of pork broth infused with herbs and spices, served with Chinese donuts and a bowl of steamed rice. After tasting this dish, I wanted to make this at home. A friend bought me the spice mix and it turned out almost the same. I'm going to try to find a traditional recipe on the net and make it from scratch. It's so tasty. The broth was sweet and I can taste the strong pork flavour in it. The meat was tender and very succulent. I will definitely order this again (after trying everything else on the menu)

I tried to order a Kickapoo joy drink but they were out of stock :( This drink is said to taste like a cross between mountain dew and lemonade. I just wanted to say "I'll have a kickpoo"

Bon Appetite


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